Eligibility and Online Application

It is our privilege to administer various scholarships established by our donors to assist local students in their pursuit of advanced education. Eligibility, criteria, and supplemental requirements are different for each scholarship as detailed in the link to scholarships and eligibility below (Adobe Reader required—download free).


Application Instructions | how to apply online:

  1. Click here for a list of scholarships and eligibility requirements.
  2. Click on the Online Application link near the bottom of this page to go to our scholarship program login page. Note that you will be redirected to an online application process we share with the Community Foundation Alliance.
  3. Choose Create New Account and complete your registration (or enter your login/password information if you already have an account).
  4. Click Apply and enter "vcf" in the Access Code field (this portal page will provide access to all scholarships available through the Vanderburgh Community Foundation).
  5. Click on the desired scholarship and begin completing your application.
  6. Use the Fax to File feature (available after you create an account), if needed, to convert paper documents to PDF documents, which is the required format for uploading attachments to your application. It is not necessary to use the Fax to File feature for any documents already available to you in the PDF format.
  7. Click Save as Draft to keep your application available for editing, or click Submit Form when you are satisfied that you have met all requirements for submission (you will no longer have access to your application after clicking Submit Form).

Important Notes  | more to know:

  1. Transcripts  — Applicants are required to submit a request to their guidance counselor to have an official grade transcript emailed to carol@vcfoundation.org at the Vanderburgh Community Foundation. As soon as possible after you have made the decision to apply, be sure to let your counselor know. Applicants currently attending college/university may request that their official transcript be sent by regular mail directly from their school to the Vanderburgh Community Foundation at 401 SE Sixth Street, Suite 203, Evansville, Indiana 47713. No other transcripts will be accepted. Transcripts must be received by the Foundation on/before the application deadline.
  2. Email — Be sure the email address you enter in your application is one that you check daily and watch for possible follow-up questions or instructions from carol@vcfoundation.org and/or administrator@grantinterface.com (be sure to add both addresses to your "safe" list.)
  3. Check Status — You can return to your account at any time to check the status of your application/s.
  4. Ask for Help Our online application is new and may not work exactly as expected. Please don't hesitate to contact Carol Pace at 422.1245 or carol@vcfoundation.org if you have problems. 


Deadline | getting your application in on time:

Applications and official grade transcripts (which will be accepted only via email from your guidance counselor) are due no later than 4 p.m. on Wednesday, February 4, 2015.


Online Application | create a new application or return to a draft application:

The online application link is the portal both to create a new application and to return to one previously saved as a draft. Don't forget to enter "vcf" in the Access Code field at the left of the screen.

Assistance | if you need help:

Don't hesitate to contact Carol Pace at 422.1245 or carol@vcfoundation.org if you have questions or need help after reading the contents of this page.

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