For Professional Advisors

Professional advisors play a singularly important role in helping clients create and realize a personal philanthropic vision.


Helping a client realize a philanthropic vision provides an opportunity for professional advisors to do what they do best—identify creative solutions that help their clients solve problems and achieve specific objectives.


Professional advisors are sometimes reluctant to discuss charitable gift planning with their clients because they equate this area of planning with soliciting the client for a charitable gift. Some professional advisors feel uncomfortable talking about charitable giving unless the client raises the subject first. This dilemma is resolved as soon as charitable gift planning is viewed as a critical piece of the overall planning process.


Charitable gift planning for people with diverse interests and backgrounds, of different ages and with varied motivations, is as much art as it is science. There is no one-size-fits-all template on which to offer informed counsel.


Charitable gift planning can be defined as “the process of helping clients create a complete and balanced approach to philanthropy that addresses estate, tax and financial planning objectives, enriched by personal philanthropic hopes and dreams.”


We hope to provide you with practical information designed to achieve this result. We welcome questions, concerns, and comments from professional advisors and prospective donors. We will keep your inquiry confidential, and do our best to assist you in finding answers and resources.

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